Planning and Understanding the Cost of Your Civil Partnership or Wedding Photography

by Christophe Chevaugeon 


How much does wedding photography cost and why:
it all depends on your plan and expectations.
Three fundamental questions will help you plan your wedding photography and understand the costs involved and the prices of wedding photography.
Before commissioning your wedding photographer, you need to ask yourself
What amount of coverage?
What style of photos?
What type of presentation for your photos?
Coverage and style obviously need to be decided upon before the big day but decisions as to presentation can be made well after your wedding. Presentation options are almost too numerous to list and can quickly double, triple, quadruple the final cost of your wedding photography.
Northumberland Wedding Photography: Contemporary
Coverage and Style of Wedding Photography: the first part of the price.
When you’re commissioning a wedding photographer, what you are first and foremost hiring is the skill set to use professional equipment to capture the best possible images of your special day in a style that suits you and at a price you can afford. 
 Pre-wedding or engagement photography on location
Are you including or thinking of having done pre-wedding photography shoot with your photographer. This is extra time and expense for your photographer that he/she needs to cover. Some photographers include it in certain of their packages, depending on its price. It is a fabulous way for clients and photographer to get acquainted before the big day. It is also for the photographer an opportunity to demonstrate his skills and different styles of photos he or she can create to meet his clients' expectations. 
Northumberland engagement photography, Alnmouth beach a few miles from Alnwick.
Pemberton Christmas 16-14
Newcastle Pre Wedding Photography:urban or country , there are plenty of locations to choose from for a wedding photographer in the North East.
 Full day coverage or less
A full day’s coverage may see the photographer working in up to three or four locations, sometimes miles apart from each other. A wedding photographer not familiar with a venue (Church, Manor) will certainly want to have a wander there before the big day to get a feeling for its qualities in terms of settings and lighting. In Northumberland and in the North East in general, all wedding photographers are on the lookout for extra indoor settings and locations to fall back on when the weather makes those lovely outdoor photos impossible. All this takes time. 
Do you want your photographer present for the preparation of the Bride, just at the ceremony, to capture the speeches, at the cake cutting, at the first dance? 
Is it reasonable, bearing in mind timings and distances to expect one photographer to capture all the images you want?
Full coverage can include tactful images of the preparation of the Bride.Leave your photographer time to catch your arrival at the ceremony.
By full coverage expect around 12 hours. If you need less coverage then I will reduce my fee accordingly. I always visit venues that I am not familiar with before the big day. 
Style of photography
Because of course, you’ll have taken the time to meet and discuss the particulars of your special day and the style of photography you desire, among these photos, many will be the key photos that you will have instructed your wedding photographer to capture at all costs! These are the photos that can stand alone, be framed and so forth. 
Linden Hall, near Alnwick and Rothbury, wedding photography, first dance.
Wedding Photographer Alnwick, arrival of the BrideAalayah Skye Volcy-052
Northumberland Wedding Photographer:Reportage Style, the arrival of the Bride at the church.
Can and should your choice of style of photography impact on the cost of your wedding photography?
It can certainly impact on the pace of your wedding and must impact on your expectations as to the finish of your photos. Are you ready to put your photographer in charge of the day, to let him or her pace it, to let him or her constantly take time to place people this way or that way and take time to set up lighting, making you wait till the shots are just right because you want a studio finish? Do you prefer informal photos ? Does your photographer have the tools, the skills ,and the talent? So yes, the style of photography can not only impact on the pace of your wedding and also on its cost. 
I use professional cameras, flashguns and portable studio lighting and backups at all weddings and am comfortable in a variety of styles.
Many couples today favour a relaxed and unobtrusive approach to their wedding photography: their photographer’s role is likened to that of a reporter, his or her job is to cover the events as they unfold and to interfere as little as possible. It’s up to the photographer to keep up with the pace, be at the right place at the right time, and cope with the different lighting conditions and so forth. It’s up to the wedding party to give their photographer reasonable time to make it to the different locations and to allow him or her enough elbow space to work in. The shots are not usually set up although a vase or a person or a chair might be displaced to improve it.
Northumberland, Horton Grange Wedding Photography:the father of the Bride.
Reportage isn't enough ?
But families usually also want alongside the reportage style photos, a few formal photos even if they are taken in a contemporary style: group photos, signing of the register, the groom and his mates, the bride and her bridesmaids. These photos must be planned and the photographer will the need the assistance of designated members of the wedding party who are familiar with the people to be regrouped and that can take responsibility for gathering them in good time. Some of these photos might require specialist lighting equipment and a bit of setting up. Some will be as informal as you are !
Northumberland Wedding Photography:Classic Formal: the Bride, her Parents and her Husband. Factor in a few minutes setting up. 
Just married
Many couples also desire some photos of just the two of them; very contemporary and informal or very romantic or even dramatised ...anything and everything is possible but depending on the ambition and the desired outcome, equipment and time maybe needed. 
Just married....Linden Hall
Just married, Doxford Hall, NorthumberlandIMG_0228B
Doxford Hall, Northumberland wedding photography
In brief
Are you ready to put your photographer in charge of the day or is he a reporter, unobtrusively on your trail, maybe only taking you aside for an hour to get some portraits of you and setting up the occasional formal shot? This is something you must decide upon well before the day and plan accordingly.
Cover and Style: Costing
You understand now that the first part of your photographer’s fee goes towards meeting you and discussing your needs, having the tools and skills to capture your wedding in your preferred style, if necessary, visiting the venue or venues beforehand and taking the pictures on the day with the right equipment and backup equipment.
I hope my photos tell you that I can deliver the style of wedding photography you desire and that you'll find my prices right for you.
Delivery and Presentation of Your Wedding Photos Packages:
the second part of the price.
Once the wedding is over, your wedding photographer’s next task is to deliver and present those photos to you in any number of ways that suit your tastes and budget. To do this well your photographer needs editing hardware and software and, in my case, printing hardware. Your photographer will most often also work in partnership with a professional printing service that he or she will commission to make prints albums and so on.
Bespoke Wedding Albums and Prints
I work with a professional photographic printing services for albums but also
hand craft giclée prints in my workshop.
Today, there is almost an infinite number of ways of presenting photos that range from fairly inexpensive low quality prints to leather bound albums that can cost thousands of pounds. This is why most photographers offer packages that encompass in one price the cost of a type of coverage and style of photography and that of a given type of album. Bronze, silver gold, platinum, diamond and the list goes on depending on the presentation options. 
I think every couple should get the best images possible and get to enjoy them and share them in good time without getting over worried on the choice of this or that presentation that can always be decided upon and purchased later. Does that mean I don’t recognise that there are differences in qualities of prints and albums? I fully recognise the differences which is why I can make bespoke albums to suit a variety of budgets at your request.
I am convinced that in today’s digital age, couples are first and foremost after is good quality photo files to use as they see fit including sharing on their TV and computer screens or through their favourite social networking site. With the files in their possession, a couple can have more prints or albums made at a later date.
Digital files, backing up, selection and editing: how many photos to expect and in what format.
The original files will be backed up several times, then go through an unforgiving selection process and then receive final adjustments in image editing software until they’re deemed fit to print. 
How many photos is it reasonable to expect? And by photos what do I mean and what do you mean? 
People blink often and often at the at the wrong time, the father looks the wrong way, a guest flashes away with his point and shoot and ruins the atmospheric light in the church and so on and so and so on. All these instants are inadvertently recorded by your photographer who’ll take many photos of the same scene to guarantee that at least a good one has been captured. At the end of the day your photographer will have on his hands hundreds of unflattering images that are photos in the strict sense of the word. Some photographers pass these on to their clients and boast astronomical numbers of photos. I don’t. I eliminate them ruthlessly unless something about their emotional content overrides their technical and aesthetic flaws and justifies them being saved from the bin!
Once this elimination process is over, you can expect from between 170 and 230 photos of your wedding including some of the venue, the tables, flowers and so forth. All these photos are post edited using specialist tools, sometimes to eliminate unwanted distractions like health and safety signage in the background, labels, brands on brollies but also more discreetly to remove blemishes, skin shine, to correct colour casts and so forth when needed. 
Edited digital files . I offer as standard the best and fully edited images at full resolution-print ready up to approximately 12 by 18 inches-and social networking friendly size files delivered to you on a personalised Cd. The copyright stays with me but you may use the files to have prints and albums made and share them except for commercial purposes.
On line viewing
I offer as standard an online viewing gallery service for family and friends to enjoy the photos that remain visible for at least a month. This gallery can be pass word protected although as per contract images may be used to promotes services of 
Prints and Albums
The quality of the materials used to make a print, mount it, frame it or set in an album does make a tremendous difference to the enjoyment it gives and to its fastness in time. If you print a great photo on low quality materials it’ll look bad and fade away in a few years time. On the other hand, not even the most expensive materials will make a poor photo look good, they’ll just make it last longer! 
You and family and friends can easily order quality prints through the website and have them directly posted to you or have them printed in a lab of your choice.
Often couples want the photographer to design and commission a specialised company to make an album that tells the story of their wedding and showcases its key images. 
Album today can mean two different creatures: one a book where the images are printed directly on the pages; and the other, an album proper where the photographic prints are assembled on the pages. Books tend to be less costly to make but both books and albums come in a variety of sizes finishes and prices that depend on their size and number of pages. The photographer must also charge for the time spent creating the album, checking it and getting it to you. Some photographers will offer you to select the photos you'd like, more time that he or she needs to charge you for.
I am happy to create your album: a simple coffee table 12 by 12 book of 10 leaves (20 pages) or a more luxurious leather bound 12 by 12 book photo Renaissance album of 10 leaves (20 pages). Either will usually contain around 30 to 35 of the key images of the wedding.For an extra charge you may have more leaves and parents albums. Numerous other options are available.
I hope you now have a better understanding of planning and costing your wedding photography.
To put it simply price=coverage+style+presentation.