Wedding Photography Special Offers

Special offers on Wedding Photography prices in the North East, Northumberland, The Borders, Tyne and Wear, Newcastle ,Durham for Gay and Lesbian couples....

 If they're not listed here, it's simply that they are none on offer or no longer on offer: so please watch this space.


Booking by phone or email

Bookings made directly by email or phone, without any meeting, of £70 pounds for my Full Day Coverage with E-Shoot Offer and a discount of £50 pounds for my Full Day's Coverage without out e-shoot offer. If I don't have to drive out to meet you, that's time and money I don't need to bill you for and that you save too:another efficiency,more money saved.


Members of the Armed Forces and of the NHS

To members of the Armed forces and of the NHS, to whom I'm proud to already offer a discount, you cannot combine the above offer with the one already detailed on your respective websites.


Gay and Lesbian Couples

 On a first come first save basis, to celebrate same sex marriage becoming at last possible, and to help me enhance my porfolio, have a look at my ongoing offer,check out my post Gay and Lesbian Wedding Photography.